About Us

After joining the team of IB2B affiliates, become familiar with the service that your new business has to offers. Go to the services offered URL to obtain a detailed description of the service. Click on the description button next to the service offered. By becoming familiar with the various services and ad sizes, you are able to speak confidently about your services. Knowledge of services is the best sales tool. Increasing your knowledge of the services you offer increases your chances of having a successful sale.

Remind the client of their responsibility of providing logos or artwork for ads. (If a client is unable to create artwork for a banner or an advertisement ad, we can help create it for them for a reasonable fee).

To expand your business even further; like most affiliated businesses, there are two aspects to building success. There's the selling of services which is the foundation of your business and expanding of your business by sharing your business opportunity and information with others who may interested.

It's known as our "Referral Program". This program allows us to reward you a 5% income bonus; based on the amount of sells created from the affiliate(s) you directly referred to become an affiliate with IB2B.
PLEASE NOTE: No part of this bonus percentage is taken from the referred affiliate's commission. It is directly from IB2B, because we appreciate your assistance in growing our affiliate program.This additional source of income can increase your business financial success!